Jen at Bandit Brand invited us to come along to the desert last weekend with a few buddies for the grand opening of Hoof and the Horn in Yucca Valley.

Owners and ex-Ohio-ans Jen and Adam have put together a fantastic little hideaway for all things awesome including all the vintage Harley tees you could ask for and some pretty dresses for the girly girls too.

Be sure to check them out on your next trip to Pappy and Harriet’s or Joshua Tree.

Midnight Rider tees and vintage cowboy boots. And yes, I bought another pair.

Fun toys from  Earthquaker Devices.

Hoof and the Horn.

55840 29 Palms Hwy. Yucca Valley, CA

Jocelyn Romo is a rugged lady, one of the boys, your hot-headed, sassy-mouthed, and whiskey-eyed lover, a hopeless romantic and roving soul in the running for Los Angeles County’s next sweetheart of the rodeo. She is endlessly inspired by the Americana, music, folklore, country living, hidden gems, outlaws and cowboys of all cultures, quality hand-made goods, and the beauty of this world’s natural wonders. When not contributing to her personal blog The Roamer, you can find her digging through dusty stacks of vinyl for your favorite record that you’ve never heard, swimming through oceans of vintage clothing and trinkets, fawning over boots, hats, and menswear inspired styles, reading and collecting knowledge about everything imaginable, sifting through dreams, getting lost on the highways and in the back-country of America, and bringing together the “what was” to the “what is.”

Mitra Khayyam is a first generation American who didn’t speak English until the age of 4. That was around the time she was lusting after Crystal Gayle’s locks watching the Muppet Show and wishing she would grow up to be Daisy Duke. Having spent the last 10 years in the fashion industry, Mitra’s interests lean towards Americana tinged with an appreciation for craftsmanship and story. When not acting as the Good Hearted Woman and CEO behind Midnight Rider, she spends time singing Roger Miller songs to her dogs Hud and Willie.

She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with two dogs, a cat, and a whole lot of country records.

Alxis Ratkevich likes to say she was born on a bayou, but more specifically she was born on homestead airforce base in south florida. She grew up on an odd mix of music and culture, heavily influenced by everything from of country, and classic rock, to punk and booty base. She loves flipping through her granddaddy’s records and listening to the warm sounds of a record that’s been passed down from generation to generation. She try’s to focus her energy on portraiture, live music, bad humor and the esoteric beauty of life, travel and a good beer.   Her company wildsytlefoto, focuses mainly on people and documentation, and everyone from Mel Brooks and Oliver Stone to Wreckless Eric have sat in front of her lens. Never satisfied to stay within her comfort zone, she has expanded her work into the areas of animation, and video, as well as working in photography and collage. She just completed shooting her first film; a road trip documentary exploring her father’s side of the family, which includes Andy Warhol. She really is just a sentimental, punk rock, round the way girl at heart, who’s passion lies in storytelling and exploration of identity more than in a loyalty to one particular format. She also teaches media arts at an arts based non-profit on skid row in Los Angeles. At home she likes to garden and is obsessed with her rescued bluetick coonhound named Alfred.

Hilary Tarner is a freelance fabricator and visual display designer living in Los Angeles, California. Her roots extend from the hollowed out valleys of the Central Pennsylvania wilds where she grew up and where her interest in country music began. She remembers country line dancing with her father at the community center to the likes of Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt, and Dwight Yoakam. Early 90’s country music aside, Hilary engages the backbone of Americana through her craft and love of folkloric histories. Here are a few links:

Rogue Sounder is a tumblr created for a source of inspiring images that illustrate the marauding spirit of art and artists;

Pinterest inspiration;

Folks saying nice things: visual display editorial;

Feel free to shoot her an email at with questions, comments, or interesting stories of the back roads.

Evangeline – Levon Helm and Rick Danko, 1983