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Here he is……… one of my favorite country crooners, Gary Stewart.

His song titles read like an autobiography of a man well steeped in marital and personal malaise, like most great country artists, but his is performed with pulsating vibrato. His voice is haunting and the songs foretell his own end.  Titles like: “She’s Acting Single, I’m Drinking Double”, “Single Again”, “Whiskey Trip”, “Cactus And A Rose”. Although seeming morose, they are classic and  songs I can step and sway to alone or in a honky tonk.

– Hilary

Hilary Tarner is a freelance fabricator and visual display designer living in Los Angeles, California. Her roots extend from the hollowed out valleys of the Central Pennsylvania wilds where she grew up and where her interest in country music began. She remembers country line dancing with her father at the community center to the likes of Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt, and Dwight Yoakam. Early 90’s country music aside, Hilary engages the backbone of Americana through her craft and love of folkloric histories. Here are a few links:

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